About Me

Hi! I’m Julie…

I’m the heart and soul behind Parenting With PANS. My voyage into the world of PANDAS/PANS began nearly two decades ago, not just as a therapist, but also as a parent desperate for answers to my child’s perplexing symptoms. This dual lens of professional expertise and personal experience has profoundly shaped my approach to supporting families navigating this challenging journey.

A Therapist’s Journey to Advocacy

In my 23 years as a child, teen, and family therapist, I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and helping kids, teens and adults with mental health challenges. Yet, it was my personal experience with PANDAS/PANS that truly defined my path. Experiencing firsthand the rollercoaster of diagnosis, treatment, and daily management, I promised myself that I would help others the way that I needed to be helped all those years. Using my therapeutic skills and my journey, I’ve developed unique, evidence-based programs and resources tailored to meet the specific needs of PANDAS/PANS families.

Creating a Community for Support and Empowerment

Parenting With PANS is more than just a name—it’s a reflection of my unwavering commitment to ensuring no family feels as lost or alone as mine once did. Here, I blend professional knowledge with personal insights to create a comprehensive support system. From one-on-one coaching to a detailed course and practical e-books, my mission is to empower parents with the tools, strategies, and confidence to navigate PANDAS/PANS parenting.

The Heart Behind the Mission

What sets me apart isn’t just my professional training, but also the empathy and understanding that come from walking in your shoes. I’ve lived through the uncertainty, the fear, and the isolation that PANDAS/PANS brings into a family’s life. But, more importantly, I’ve also witnessed the resilience, the breakthroughs, and the profound healing that emerges from this journey.

My Invitation to Join a Community of Hope and Healing

Through my work, I strive to build a community where every PANDAS/PANS family can access the support and information they need to begin to heal. My approach is rooted in the belief that, with the right guidance and resources, healing and growth are not just possible—they’re within reach.

Welcome to Parenting With PANS. Here, you’re not just finding a therapist; you’re discovering a partner, an advocate, and a fellow parent dedicated to walking this path with you. Together, we can transform the trauma and pain of PANDAS/PANS  into healing and recovery.