About Me

Hi! I’m Julie…

I’m the heart and soul behind Parenting With PANS. I began my journey into the PANDAS/PANS world almost two decades ago, not just as a therapist, but also as a parent desperate for answers to my child’s confusing symptoms.

My professional background and personal experience have shaped my approach to supporting PANDAS/PANS families who are navigating this challenging journey.

From Therapist to Advocate

In my 23 years as a child, teen, and family therapist, I’ve dedicated my career to understanding and helping kids, teens and adults with mental health challenges.

However, my personal experience with PANDAS/PANS affected me at a deep level.

I have experienced firsthand the rollercoaster of diagnosis, treatment, and daily management and I have commited myself to providing PANDAS/PANS parents the help I needed with my own child.

Using my professional training and my personal experince, I’ve developed programs and resources tailored to meet the specific needs of PANDAS/PANS families.

Creating a Community for Support and Empowerment

Parenting With PANS is more than just a name—it’s a reflection of my values–ensuring no family feels as lost or alone as mine once did. Here, I combine professional knowledge with personal insights to create a holistic support system. My mission is to empower parents with the tools, strategies, and confidence to navigate PANDAS/PANS parenting.