Do you feel overwhelmed, confused and burned out as a PANDAS/PANS parent?

You’re not alone!

I can help you feel safe and supported as a PANDAS/PANS parent.

And, I can provide you with expert guidance to help your PANDAS/PANS family heal.

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Hi! I’m Julie.

Welcome to Parenting With PANS, a sanctuary I created out of both necessity and love.

My journey began almost 20 years ago as a struggling parent looking for answers to my child’s confusing symptoms.

My daughter’s anger, severe anxiety, OCD and food restriction led us eventually to a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis. The path to diagnosis and healing has been long and filled with challenges. 

I created Parenting With PANS so that PANDAS/PANS families find healing faster that we did and with fewer painful challenges.

I took my…….

  • 23 years of experience as a seasoned child, teen, and family therapist
  • a desperate need for answers for my own family

And developed programs specifically for PANDAS/PANS families. My foundation of my coaching, membership and course are based on my training and understanding of PANDAS/PANS family burnout, trauma and grief. 

This feeling of safety and validation allows PANDAS/PANS parents to then extend this feeling of safety and validation to their own kids and teens.

That’s where the healing begins.

When there’s a feeling of safety, PANDAS/PANS parents can begin to work through their grief and drop demands on themselves and their family as they work through burnout.   

Once the burden of grief and burnout have lessened, I help parents learn ways to regulate themselves through the challenges of PANDAS/PANS parenting.

When the PANDAS/PANS family is feeling more regulated, I then provide parents with tools and skills to navigate their PANDAS/PANS child/teen’s anxiety, OCD, Executive Functioning challenges and other issues. We incorporate a low demand approach with skills drawn from  CBT, DBT, ERP, SPACE and more.

(And, yes you can use these tools with a low demand approach!)

But, what truly sets me apart is not just my professional training. It’s my own experience as a PANDAS/PANS parent. I’ve felt the fear, the frustration, and the isolation that comes with this diagnosis.

I’ve also experienced the healing, resilience, and community on the other side of the pain. Through Parenting With PANS, I share how to navigate your journey to heal from PANDAS/PANS.

Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand how the right support and tools can help PANDAS/PANS families move towards healing . My programs are the result of years of research, therapy practice, and real-life experience. The coaching system and programs I have designed in Parenting With PANS  provide the support, understanding, and effective strategies that I wish I’d had as a PANDAS/PANS parent almost 20 years ago.

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