Are you a PANDAS/

PANS parent that needs support?

I’m a PANDAS/PANS child and family therapist and parent coach.  I empower PANDAS/PANS parents with specialized knowledge and practical tools so that they can confidently guide their children and teens through challenging moments without constantly doubting their parenting decisions.

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Let me tell you about myself

Hi! I’m Julie…

Welcome to Parenting With PANS, a sanctuary I created out of both necessity and love. My journey began 19 years ago as a struggling parent seeking answers for my child’s confusing array of symptoms.

From emotional outbursts, severe anxiety to OCD and much more, the road to a PANDAS/PANS diagnosis was long and fraught with challenges. But it was this very journey that shaped my mission: to ensure no parent feels as isolated and overwhelmed as I did.

Before diving into the world of PANDAS/PANS, I was (and still am) a seasoned child, teen, and family therapist, with a background in various therapeutic approaches. This professional expertise, combined with my personal need for answers, led me to develop specialized tools and programs designed specifically for PANDAS/PANS families. My approach is holistic, rooted in evidence-based therapy treatments such as CBT, DBT, ERP, EMDR, SPACE and more.  I’ve tailored each of these approaches to address the unique challenges PANDAS/PANS children and teens face.


But what truly sets me apart is not just my professional training. It’s my lived experience as a PANDAS/PANS parent. I’ve felt the fear, the frustration, and the loneliness that comes with this diagnosis.

But I’ve also discovered the strength, resilience, and community on the other side. Through Parenting With PANS, I share this journey with you. Offering not just coaching and courses, but a lifeline—a promise that you are not alone.

Over the years, I’ve seen firsthand the transformative power of the right support and knowledge. I’m proud to have been a pioneer in recognizing and addressing the mental health challenges associated with PANDAS/PANS, long before they were widely acknowledged. My programs are the culmination of years of research, therapy practice, and, most importantly, real-life experience. They’re designed to provide the support, understanding, and effective strategies I wish I had had.

How I Can Help You With PANDAS/PANS Parenting

Personalized 1:1 PANDAS/PANS Parent Coaching

Leverage my experience as both a veteran therapist and a PANDAS/PANS parent through tailored 1:1 coaching. We’ll focus on improving family dynamics by addressing PANDAS/PANS challenges effectively, and fostering resilience. I’ll equip you with evidence-based tools specifically designed for PANDAS/PANS families, offering emotional support every step of the way. Gain the confidence to effectively support your child and family.

Testimonials from PANDAS/PANS Parents

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In my private Facebook Group for PANDAS/PANS parents, you’ll find a warm, welcoming community ready to share their experiences, advice, and encouragement. Connect with fellow parents who truly get it, and find the strength and hope you need to navigate the challenges of PANDAS/PANS parenting.